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Digital World CEO urges Donald Trump to press shareholders to vote on merger extension

Digital World CEO urges Donald Trump to press shareholders to vote on merger extension By Reuters

© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: Former U.S. president Donald Trump holds a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, U.S., September 17, 2022. REUTERS/Gaelen Morse/File Photo (Reuters) – Patrick Orlando, the head of the blank-check acquisition firm that has agreed to take Donald Trump’s social media company public, on Friday urged Donald Trump and Trump Media boss Devin Nunes...

Angela Merkel Attends 2021 IAA Auto Show

Intel’s Mobileye files for initial public offering (NASDAQ:INTC)

Jan Hetfleisch Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) self-driving unit Mobileye Global has filed for an initial public offering of its class A common shares. The news comes after a drastic cut to the expected valuation for the unit, to about $30B from a previously hoped-for $50B. It’s also happening during a weak week for the stock market. Intel...

Understanding Bear Markets and Setting Expectations | Art's Charts

Understanding Bear Markets and Setting Expectations | Art’s Charts

Technical analysts often scoff at the notion that a 20% decline marks a bear market. However, a look back shows that further losses are certainly possible after a 20% decline. Over the last 25 years, the last two bear markets started with declines in excess of 20% and the S&P 500 lost another 12% after...

Zacks Investment Research

Previewing Q3 Earnings Season After Rough Reports from Nike and Micron

We had been skeptical about extrapolating too much from FedEx’s FDX downbeat quarterly numbers as we see a big part of the problems as FedEx specific. But FedEx is hardly alone in pointing towards a cloudier horizon. We don’t typically associate Nike NKE with management and operational missteps, but we just heard them tell us...

Cowen Sees an Attractive Long Case for Illumina

Cowen Sees an Attractive Long Case for Illumina By

© Reuters Cowen sees an Attractive Long Case for Illumina (ILMN) By Sam Boughedda Discussing the launch of Illumina’s (NASDAQ:) NovaSeq™ X Series, new production-scale sequencers, Cowen analysts said the firm’s Key Opinion Leader (KOL), Dr. Chris Mason of Weill Cornell, “was “quite positive on the new NovaSeq X/X Plus.” “He’s a longtime bull on...

Initial public offering hologram, night panoramic city view of Bangkok. The financial center for multinational corporations in Asia. The concept of boosting the growth by IPO process. Double exposure.

Atlis Motor Vehicles stock continues downward descent following spectacular IPO

2d illustrations and photos/iStock via Getty Images Newly public EV maker Atlis Motor Vehicles (NASDAQ:AMV) shares sank 22% in midday trading Friday as the stock continued its decline following a spectacular Nasdaq listing earlier this week. Shares of Atlis opened at $35.97, reaching a high of $37.20 mid-morning before sliding to a low of $25.94...

Weak Market Sentiment Warning | Moxie Indicator Minutes

Pop or Implode? | Moxie Indicator Minutes

On this week’s edition of Moxie Indicator Minutes, TG discusses how the market is at a very difficult spot to interpret right now. On one side, things are stretched and there is enough bearish kindling to set off a short squeeze. On the other, what reason do people have to buy and drive the market...

Fasten Your Safety Belts: Flying Private Is About To Go Mainstream and Be Affordable

Fasten Your Safety Belts: Flying Private Is About To Go Mainstream and Be Affordable

By Marc Sellouk, Founder and CEO of Flewber Aviation: noun; the operation of an aircraftInnovation: noun; a new idea, method, or device; the introduction of something new These two simple words can be found on countless grade school spelling tests across the country. But if you’re a business or leisure traveler, you probably haven’t heard these...

IPO (Initial public offering)

Asset management firm CaliberCos files for proposed $9M IPO (Pending:CWD)

designer491 Asset management firm CaliberCos (CWD) has filed for a proposed $9M initial public offering. The firm, which specializes in middle-market asset investments, plans to offer 1.6M Class A shares priced between $5 and $6 per share, which would raise around $9M if priced at the midpoint. Underwriters would receive a 45-day option to buy...