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Generative AI Is the Ultimate Productivity Booster for Business Owners

Generative AI Is the Ultimate Productivity Booster for Business Owners

Generative AI and tools like ChatGPT are top of mind for just about everyone these days. According to Semrush data, US Google searches for “generative AI” were up 18,000% YoY in May, and searches for “generative AI meaning” climbed 8,000% from January to May 2023. Searches for “AI productivity tools” and “AI productivity apps” also...

CA debt relief

Analyzing California’s Debt Relief Programs and their Impact on Individuals and the State Economy

  Rising inflation and fears of a possible recession have put a strain on household and company budgets alike. As a means of navigating some of the uncertainty, California launched programs designed to boost the economy and provide people with some financial breathing room. Primarily, these took the form of stimulus packages, giving qualifying individuals...


Why Do Earnings Beat Estimates so Often?

There is one thing that relatively new traders and investors really have to understand. Most are aware that what matters when it comes to a company’s earnings is how they do relative to expectations, but not many understand that those estimates are inherently biased in one direction and how essentially meaningless that makes those comparisons...

The magnifying glass on the desktop says IPO

Direct listing of Surf Air Mobility gets cold reception

kody king/iStock via Getty Images While the IPO market has staged a comeback after a downturn that lasted more than a year, Surf Air Mobility’s (NYSE:SRFM) weak trading debut showed that investors are picky about the companies they are willing to back. Shares of Surf Air (SRFM) started trading on Thursday at $5 per share,...

Here's why this AI chipmaker continues to outflank the competition

Q2 loss narrows amid robust AI demand, chip recovery

SK Hynix reported its earnings for the second quarter of 2023 on Wednesday. Nurphoto | Nurphoto | Getty Images South Korean chipmaker SK Hynix posted a second-quarter operating loss of 2.88 trillion Korean won ($2.24 billion) on Wednesday as demand for memory chips remained sluggish. SK Hynix said the weak memory chip market is on...

exxon stock chart

Why Markets Are Loving Exxon Mobil, Despite The Earnings Dip

Shares of Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM) fell by as much as 1.8% during the early hours of Friday’s trading session; the decline is happening on a day when the broader markets (namely the S&P 500) are up by a third of a percent. The initial reaction can be attributed to markets digesting the latest figures...


CyberArk’s Q2 Report May Offer Buy Zone For AI Threat Specialist

By now, it’s fair to say that every major company is aware that cyber criminals will continually come up with new ways to attack networks and steal data.  Despite all the potential surrounding AI and how it’s boosting stocks, there’s also the risk of cyber attacks aided by AI.  Fortunately, cybersecurity specialists have turned their...

ways to make some extra cash

102 Ways to Make Some Extra Cash

People often ask me if I know of any ways to make some extra cash. And, although there are tons of ways you can make more money, some of them might take a little longer than others. If you need some ideas for generating some extra money right now, here are 102 quick ideas – particularly...

ISM manufacturing of long-term trends

Can SAIA Continue its Stratospheric Rally?

Shares of trucking and logistics giant Saia Inc. (NASDAQ: SAIA) are rising by as much as 3% during Friday’s trading session, closing the week with sizeable bullish momentum in the company. The reaction comes as the firm releases its second quarter 2023 earnings results, which flashed some warning signs regarding business drivers. Despite some slowdowns in the...