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share buyback

A Share Buyback Explained – Dividend Power

What is a Share Buyback? A share buyback is when a corporation purchases its own stock in the open market with excess cash and sometimes debt. The activity is also referred to as share repurchases, stock repurchases or stock buybacks. Anyone owning the stock can participate, but it is not a requirement. Companies have several...

Grace Groner

Dividend Millionaire – Grace Groner

This article discusses the story of Grace Groner, another secret dividend millionaire. She was a secretary at Abbot Laboratories (ABT) for 43 years. She died in the year 2010 at the age of 100 with a fortune of $7.2 million. She bequeathed her fortune to a foundation she had previously established to benefit students at her...

Stock Market Overview

Are We in a Recession? – Week in Review

Are We in a Recession? Are we in a recession is the question going through the minds of many retail and institutional investors? It certainly feels that way because the stock market is officially in a bear market. The year-to-date declines of all indices except the Dow Jones Industrial Averages (DJIA) are down at least...

ARE Stock Chart

Alexandria Real Estate (ARE): Undervalued REIT

Alexandria Real Estate (ARE): Undervalued REIT. The overall Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) sector has been down a lot year to date. For example, the office REIT category has been down 21.9% since the start of 2022. In addition, the REIT Industrial category is down 18% year to date. This decline provides long-term investors with...

best infrastructure etfs

The 6 Best Infrastructure ETFs to Buy Now

Infrastructure is necessary to make the world go round in our day and age. Both developed and emerging markets make use of energy and transportation to connect their people. Furthermore, the US recently passed the Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act, putting $1.2 trillion adding to spending on infrastructure over the next several years. As a...

Reasons Not to Buy a House

5 Reasons Not to Buy a House Now

Buying a home is the American dream because it is often viewed as a path to building wealth. The common mantra is that renting throws away money while purchasing a house builds equity and, thus, wealth. Homeownership does add to your wealth, but like all other asset classes, valuation matters in real estate. In fact,...

Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates Are Soaring – Week in Review

Mortgage Rates Are Soaring Mortgage Rates Are Soaring. After a brief ray of hope, the August inflation rate report dashed the possibility of only a 0.50% rate increase by the US Federal Reserve. The overall rate was 8.3%, less than the 8.5% in August, but price increases for food, new cars, apparel, and housing show no sign of...

High-Yielding Tech Stocks

3 High-Yielding Tech Stocks – Dividend Power

Income investors typically focus on industries that have a wide range of high-yielding equities to choose from. These industries include the energy space, utilities, consumer staples, etc. In these areas, companies often generate sizeable cash flows, and their need to invest massively in their businesses is not too large, which allows for substantial payouts to...

Inflation and Stock Market

Inflation and the Stock Market

Inflation affects the stock market. Investors with many years of experience know this. Novice investors have more recently learned this. High inflation is a net negative for consumers, corporations, and economies. Some economies have struggled with increased rates of inflation for many years. On the other hand, the US has generally had long periods of...

USD Exchange Rate Changes

The Dollar is Soaring – Week in Review

The Dollar is Soaring One little reported fact is the soaring dollar. This change has consequences for the US and global economies and stock markets. Of course, a strong dollar has pros and cons, depending on where you live. But for American consumers, it means cheaper imports and less expensive travel. The dollar is soaring because...