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Things to Do Before Retirement

27 Things to Do Before Retirement

This article will cover the 27 things to do before retirement. While much of this can be done on your own, a lot of it should be done alongside a professional.  Consider Your Housing Needs Those about to retire should start thinking about whether they want to downsize or move to a retirement community. It’s best...

Lowe's vs Home Depot

Home Improvement Retailers: Lowe’s (LOW) vs Home Depot (HD)

The home improvement retail industry is not very fragmented. Instead, it is effectively an oligopoly, with Lowe’s (LOW) vs Home Depot (HD) and being the two most prominent players. Both are blue-chip stocks with long histories of paying and raising their dividends. Being part of an oligopoly can pay off for companies as long as all players...

Market Overview

Stocks Are Undervalued – Week in Review

Stocks Are Undervalued The bear growled this past week as the S&P 500 Index skirted the (-20%) threshold. But then came Friday, and markets bounced back, much to investors’ relief. The Index is still technically in a correction, although that may change next week if more bad news arrives. However, according to Stock Rover*, the Nasdaq and...

Dividend Radar Coversheet

Dividend Radar Explained – Dividend Power

In this article, I explain the free tool, Dividend Radar. Before I proceed, I want to disclose that I am an Affiliate of Portfolio Insight*, which creates and publishes Dividend Radar. I provide affiliate links to Portfolio Insight in this article. I earn a commission for any purchases you make at the Affiliates’ website through these links....

P&G Dividend Safety

Proctor & Gamble (PG) Dividend Safety Analysis

In times of market turmoil, it is prudent to own low-volatility stocks. Proctor & Gamble (PG) qualifies as one having a 5-year beta of about 0.45, meaning the stock provides ballast in a down market. Recent performance in early 2022 validates this view as the stock is down only about (-4.3%) compared to (-15.8%) for...

Simply Investing Report

Review of The Simply Investing Report and Course

In this article, I provide a review of Simply Investing. Before I proceed, I want to disclose that I am an Affiliate of Simply Investing. I provide affiliate links to the Simply Investing Course, the Simply Investing Report & Analysis Platform, and a coupon code in this article. I earn a commission for any purchases...

Does Tesla Pay Dividends

Does Tesla Pay Dividends? – Dividend Power

Despite its precarious start almost two decades ago, when Elon Musk believed the company had just a 10% chance of success, Tesla has defied the odds to become a behemoth in the global automotive industry. Indeed, according to Backlinko, it sold more electric cars than any other electric vehicle manufacturer in the first eight months of 2021 and...

Fed Moved Decisively

The Fed Moved Decisively – Week in Review

The Fed Moved Decisively The Fed moved decisively and increased the Federal Funds rate by 0.5% this past week, the highest increase since 2000, after a 0.25% increase at the last meeting. The US Federal Reserve will also reduce its balance sheet starting June 1st. The Fed holds about $9 trillion of mortgage-backed securities (MBS)...

WHR Stock Price Chart

Whirlpool (WHR): Undervalued and 4% Yield

The markets are back to this year’s lows. Thus, the market has brought down a lot of stocks with it. It is down a little over (-15%) from the all-time high making it the worst start since 1939. When the market is down, I like to find support levels and create price alerts at those support...

Weyco Lost Dividend Champion

Weyco (WEYS): Lost Dividend Champions Status

A Dividend Champion rarely loses its status. Most companies with long streaks of dividend raises do not like to cut or freeze their dividends. They will often be creative to avoid losing their dividend streak status because investors may sell their position. A dividend cut and a dividend freeze, to a lesser degree, are often triggers for selling...