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SKWS Price Chart

Skyworks Solutions (SWKS) Stock: An Undervalued Chipmaker

Over the past five weeks, the market has been up 14.7%. Also, after the CPI report was issued last Thursday morning, the market and almost all the stocks had a tremendous run-up. In two days, the market is up nearly 7%. The rise could be a dead cat bounce, but it may have staying power because...

stock average down

Averaging Down Stock: What is it?

The term averaging down stocks refers to an investment strategy of purchasing additional shares of a stock by an existing shareholder after the price has dropped. Hence, the average stock price is lower for the second purchase than when the investor initially bought shares. The strategy has risks, though, because whether the stock price drops...

Benefits of a Roth IRA

8 Key Benefits of a Roth IRA

Investors are struggling with poor stock market returns and fears of a recession. Consequently, there has never been a better time than now to think about your future than the present. Saving up for retirement is one of the optimal ways to ensure that you have enough money to live once you leave work for the last...

What Recession

What Recession? – Week in Review

What Recession? What Recession? The financial news contains stories about CEOs, hedge fund magnates, and economists predicting a terrible recession for the past several months. For instance, Paul Singer, the founder and co-CEO of the hedge fund Elliott Management says the “…world is on the path to hyperinflation, which is the direct route to global societal collapse...

dividend safety intel

Dividend Safety Analysis: Intel (INTC)

Dividend Safety Analysis: Intel (INTC). Intel is a global leader in designing and manufacturing microchips. The company has maintained its dominance through R&D, manufacturing advances, and solid relationships for years. But recently, Intel has been challenged with unprecedented competition, customers conducting their own chip design, and operational missteps. The firm performed well during the COVID-19...

dead cat bounce

Dead Cat Bounce: Its Meaning to Investors

A dead cat bounce means a short-term rally in a stock’s price after a more extended period of decline. It is a temporary rally lasting only a short time. The term is based on the idea that a dead cat will bounce if dropped from a sufficient height. After the rally, the stock will fall...

is inflation slowing

Is Inflation Slowing – Week in Review

Is Inflation Slowing The combination of high inflation and the US Federal Reserve’s response with higher interest rates has puzzled investors and consumers alike. Inflation impacts the stock market and makes consumers less likely to spend. However, the recent Personal Consumption Expenditure (PCE) report suggests that inflation is slowing. Moreover, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) returned to positive territory...

Buying Home Recession

Buying a Home in a Recession

These days, it seems like the economy is always in a state of flux. Just when you think things are starting to rebound, something else happens, like drought, high inflation, or a semiconductor shortage that throws everything into turmoil again. As a result, the United States economy has slowed in 2022 compared to 2021. Moreover, some...

Is Verizon a Good Dividend Stock

Is Verizon (VZ) a Good Dividend Stock

Despite the recent uptick, the bear market is still growling in 2022. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 Index are down more than 20% each, while the Dow 30 is doing somewhat better. Consequently, many high-quality stocks’ stock prices have also declined, along with valuations. One such stock is Verizon Communications (VZ), trading near its 52-week...