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Car production

Japan’s Robot Dominance | Nasdaq

By Dillon Jaghory Beginning in the 1960’s, the rise of manufacturing for the automotive industry and the concomitant rise of industrial robots played an indispensable role in powering Japan’s economic miracle. By the 1980’s, the momentum accelerated to the point where commentators began referring to 1980 as “year one” for Japanese robotics. These forces culminated in...

Fabless design

Putting the Chip Shortage into the Context of Long-Term Trends

By Global X Research Team Among many things, the pandemic exposed the underlying vulnerabilities of global supply chains. This is certainly the case for the semiconductor industry, where barriers to entry are notoriously high, technological competition is cut-throat, lead times are long, and the balance of power overwhelmingly tilts towards a few gargantuan companies. At the...

Dedicated & potential cyber spending

Rising Cybersecurity Threats Expected to Continue in 2022

By Pedro Palandrani and Alec Lucas We expect the cat-and-mouse game between organizations, consumers and the cybercriminals who covet their data to intensify this year. The latest concern is a vulnerability in internet software known as Log4j that could jeopardize hundreds of millions of systems globally. This threat follows multiple high-profile breaches in 2021, including the...

IoT cybersecurity

How Cybersecurity Will Accelerate IoT’s Growth

By Pedro Palandrani We expect the 2020’s decade to be defined by near-ubiquitous connectivity. All types of devices in our homes, workplaces, and cities are expected to be internet-enabled to seamlessly capture and transmit data. Semiconductors costs have declined over 90% over the last decade, making such connections remarkably inexpensive. And the rollout of 5G will...