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Why Buy DBA: Agricultural Fund ETF? | Mish's Market Minute

Why Buy DBA: Agricultural Fund ETF? | Mish’s Market Minute

Last week, I tweeted: I believe the #commodities prices in food softs $DBA have bottomed. $GLD-well those who know me-that I pointed out bottomed months ago. $SLV now outperforming. That tells you something. Maybe even #oil. Get ready for the Commodities Super Cycle. If you are not following me @marketminute on twitter, you should consider...

Two Big Signs of Stagflation | Mish's Market Minute

Two Big Signs of Stagflation | Mish’s Market Minute

The Fed raised rates by 25 bps. The decision was unanimous. The terminal rate projection is unchanged at 5.1%. The FOMC statement modifies guidance: “The committee anticipates that some additional policy firming may be appropriate.” My first tweet @marketminute this morning before the market opened: @marketminute: I feel pretty certain Powell goes 25. Announces theyre willing...

Silver, Gold, and Miners | Mish's Market Minute

Silver, Gold, and Miners | Mish’s Market Minute

Folks are calling the FED opening swap lines on the entire US Banking deposit base to the tune of $17.6 trillion as QE infinity. Moody’s cut its outlook on the banking system to negative, saying that it is a rapidly deteriorating operating environment. The market though, generally focused on one thing: CPI. CPI came in...

Get Ready for the Consumer Price Index! | Mish's Market Minute

Get Ready for the Consumer Price Index! | Mish’s Market Minute

Given the recent liquidity crisis in the banking sector, Tuesday morning’s CPI number could be an important driver in the Federal Reserve’s next move on March 22nd. As per the report, How to Grow Your Wealth in 2023, “The Federal Reserve is overly optimistic about inflation declining back to 2%.” Also from the Outlook are...

Regional Banks -- From March 6th to March 9th | Mish's Market Minute

Regional Banks — From March 6th to March 9th | Mish’s Market Minute

We could call this “3 Days to All Hell broke loose.” We could call this “We told you so.” We could call this, “Welcome to the incredible forecasting of the Economic Modern Family.” We could call this, “Hello delusional semiconductors.” Whatever you wish to call it, the March 6th post called “Retail and Regional Banks...