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Street sign reading "Fed rate hike ahead" set against a cloudy sky at sunset.

Here’s How the Fed’s Rate Hikes Will Impact Your Retirement Plan — for Better or Worse

The stock market dropped this week after the August Consumer Price Index indicated that inflation was higher than expected. Paired with a decent employment report, this inflation data opened the door to continued rate hikes by the Federal Reserve. Rising rates are going to have a handful of important impacts on different asset classes, and...

A person wearing a business suit seated at a table with a pair of eyeglasses on it.

3 Reasons Not to Retire at 65

There’s a reason many seniors are inspired to retire at 65. Age 65 is when Medicare eligibility kicks in, so it’s easy to associate 65 with retirement. But actually, retiring at 65 is a decision you might regret. Here are a few reasons to leave the workforce at a later age. 1. You don’t want...

Digital interface with Bitcoin logo.

This Under-the-Radar Cryptocurrency Stock Could Outpace Bitcoin in 2022

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) has been one of the best investments you could have made over the past several years. It’s up roughly sixfold over the past 24 months, and many times more over its lifetime. Bitcoin’s market cap has ballooned to roughly $820 billion, more than a third of all value among cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s...

A kid sitting at a table next to a stack of money bags while giving two thumbs up.

2 Risky Growth Stocks That Could Make You Filthy Rich

Growth stocks, on balance, have fallen out of favor in recent months. Political gridlock in Washington, D.C., historically high inflation rates, and concerns about an interest rate increase have dampened investors’ appetite for risk. This negative sentiment, though, doesn’t mean there aren’t growth stocks worth buying right now. In the hard-hit area of biotech, for...

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These 3 Stocks Could Pay Massive Dividends in 2022

The oil market hasn’t always been kind to dividend investors. The sector has often had to slash or suspend dividend payments during oil price downturns, which have happened twice this decade. This volatility has led some producers to shift how they think about paying dividends. Instead of setting a high base payout, some are setting...

A woman looking at her finances with a laptop and phone.

3 Reasons I Love Online Banking

Image source: Getty Images I’ll admit it. I’m the sort of person who prefers not to have to leave the house unless there’s a pressing reason or a hiking trail calling my name. Even before the pandemic, I’ve always preferred to stay out of stores and do as many errands online as I can. In...