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raax 1yr

Rely on RAAX to Deal With Inflation

The recently revealed December reading of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was worse than many experts and politicians expected, confirming that inflation remains front-and-center for asset allocators in 2022. Plenty of advisors and investors will look to exchange traded funds for inflation-fighting assistance, and while dozens of ETFs have the word “inflation” in their names,...

soxq 1yr

With Chip Sales Projected to Climb, Size Up SOXQ

The semiconductor industry sizzled in terms of equity performance in 2021, and while some market observers are betting last year’s returns won’t be replicated, that doesn’t mean there isn’t upside there for the taking. Actually, the outlook for global chip sales this year, even when accounting for the potential easing of supply chain woes, is...

vnm ytd

Try This Single-Country ETF in 2022

For all the talk about equity weakness in various developing economies this year, there are some pockets of strength, too. Consider Vietnamese stocks and the VanEck Vectors Vietnam ETF (VNM). The lone Vietnam exchange traded fund is higher by more than 20% year-to-date, comfortably outpacing the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. To be fair, Vietnam is...

cibr ytd

Cybersecurity ETFs Can Prosper Again in 2022

Cybersecurity stocks and exchange traded funds delivered for investors in 2021. It’s not a spectacular showing, but the First Trust Nasdaq Cybersecurity ETF (CIBR) is up 20%. CIBR, which tracks the Nasdaq CTA Cybersecurity Index, is the original cybersecurity ETF, and, amid a seemingly never-ending spate of cyberattacks on corporate and government entities, the fund...

emlc ytd

Emerging Markets Improvement Could Be Excellent for EMLC

It’s been another trying year for investors holding emerging markets assets, including bonds. On the upside, 2021 disappointment could give way to pleasant surprises in 2022, perhaps setting the stage for rebounds by exchange traded funds like the VanEck J.P. Morgan EM Local Currency Bond ETF (NYSEArca: EMLC). EMLC follows the J.P. Morgan GBI-EM Global Core...

rth ytd

Retail Stocks Can Extend Winning Ways in 2022

Buoyed by government stimulus and resurgent brick-and-mortar retailers, among other factors, the VanEck Vectors Retail ETF (RTH) is higher by 22.14% year-to-date. A solid showing to be sure, but some market observers believe that retail stocks can continue their winning ways in the new year, indicating that RTH shouldn’t be abandoned simply because the holiday...

smh ytd

Semis Could Be Super Again in 2022

Fighting off an array of challenges, the VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF (SMH) is soaring in 2021, notching one of the more impressive performances among non-leveraged industry exchange traded funds. As technology investors well know, that sector and myriad other industries are being hampered by global chip shortages this year, but that’s not restraining semiconductor share...

dtec ytd

Growth Stocks Might Be Overreacting to Interest Rate Speculation

Amid fears that inflation will remain persistent and that the Federal Reserve could raise interest rates as many as three times in 2022, growth and technology stocks took a beating on Thursday and have been weak in recent sessions. That price action shouldn’t be ignored, but some market observers believe that 10-year Treasury yields need...

cnxt ytd

China ETF Changes Its Stripes

Chinese stocks are currently out of favor, but that could spell opportunity for prescient investors. With that, some experts are apt to say it’s a stock picker’s market, but investors could be well served by simply opting for an exchange traded fund. An idea to consider is the VanEck Vectors ChinaAMC SME-ChiNext ETF (CNXT). CNXT,...

izrl ytd

Israel Reclassification Could Be Interesting for IZRL ETF

The ARK Israel Innovative Technology ETF (Cboe: IZRL) is one of the niftier exchange traded funds providing exposure to Israeli equities, and it could be in for a rebound as index provider MSCI reconsiders Israel’s classification. It’s been more than a decade since Israel was promoted to developed market status from the emerging markets classification —...